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February 8
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Miyagawa: N A N A K O by hyeuna Miyagawa: N A N A K O by hyeuna


:new: I redrew her again lol. Not satisfied again but I will come up with something nicer later on. Her hair keeps changing but she likes to change it anyway ahaha. Once I get my photoshop back, I will make this thang transperant c:

I'm best with paragraph, notes or skype. 
But we can do script too if you'd like. 

Here's her meme if you want to check out more about her ha. 
Miyagawa : M E M E by hyeuna

Name: Fukuzawa Nanako {last, first}
Age: 16
Date of birth: 15th of April
What year they're in: 2nd
Height: 5,4
Gender: Female
Whether they're staying at the boarding school part, or they go to their own home everyday: Home
Club: Music Club:

Personality traits: 

I like to split up character personalities based on three things: (On the surface - What they think they are like - The Truth ). For the sake of character development, I will only disclose what is on the surface of Nanako's personality. 

Generally likes to give people a helping hand or an uplifter. She isn't one to start conflicts (and even if one does break between her and someone else) she will just smile and say something super nice completely unrelated to the arguement at hand.

She's generally fine with tagging along and being the follower. 

It doesn't take much to make her smile since it seems to be her default expression anyway. 

While Nanako smiles often, she doesn't laugh often. It's something that she doesn't seem to realize, but others obviously do. Her humor must be something out of this world if she doesn't laugh a lot orz. She also seems to be dazing off somewhere almost all the time, like her mind is elsewhere.
She likes to personalize her things with stickers, doodles, and other sorts of stuff of the like. 

For reasons, Nanako does not like to draw attention to herself. If the topic of the conversation were to reach her, she would softly turn it back to somebody else. 

Because she won't talk about herself, not many know her true intentions or her true feelings. She seems to prefer it that way as well.


+Cloudy / overcast weather
+Playing her violin
+Writing - Reading - Drawing (Any creative project basically. She has a notebook she keeps at all times that she just scribbles on periodically)
+Milk Tea 
+Swimming (alone usually)
+Classical Music
+Super early mornings
+High places
+Delicate things (like flowers and ribbons and butterflies and blahblah)

-Super hot weather
-Having to move around a whole lot
-Being alone at night
-The dark
-Super deep water
-Live fish


She lives in a rather well-to-do rigid household. Her mother is the "fashionable socialite" type who cares too much about what people think about her and her family. She's a rather fussy woman who gave little nurture to her children. Her father is a business man who is out on commute quite often. Nanako grew up with her little brother, Kaishi, who is 3 years younger than she is. She is rather close to him as they only truly had each other. She was first exposed to the violin when she was around 4 or 5 years old. Upon catching her mother playing it, the little girl swore to herself that she was going to one day create music just as beautiful as the one her mother created. Oddly enough, when Nanako expressed to her parents that she would like to study violin, her mother quit playing completely. It's something that Nanako questions up until this day. 


-She can sing well but will only sing to her brother's piano-playing

-Can't cook to save her life. Practically burns everything. 

-Pretty clumsy

-She seems to have bad luck with birds pooping on her ;___;

-Contrary to popular belief, she's actually not that timid

-She gets flustered quite often if you hit the right spot

-Ticklish (to her dismay)

-She is absolutely positively scared to death when it comes to the dark. If it so happened to get dark out before she reached home, she will most likely stay in one spot where there is light and hang out there all night.

-Fish freak her out so bad

-Suprisingly, her room looks like a tornado ran through it. (Her schoolbag is the same way, it's a miracle she is even able to turn in assignments)

-Actually really particular about her appearance (If there is a reflective surface nearby, she will most likely be staring at it to make sure she looks fine. She'll try to be slick about it ofc even though she is sometimes unsuccessful.)

-Composes her own classical music. She and her brother, Kaishi, have several unfinished pieces they've written over the years

-She is really bad at dancing and has no rhythm when it comes to bass beats or dance-like tunes.

-She likes to swim but only in water where she can clearly see the bottom

-Often likes to hang out on the roof of her house at nights. (Her bedroom window leads to the roof). There she usually writes or draws in the journal she keeps with her at all times

-She is very protective over that journal. Like super. Probs the easiest way to get her flustered and annoyed is to take it from her.

-Actually is an advocate of "getting even" lmao surprisingly.

-Wears reading glasses. But hates herself in them so she'll only wear them when she's composing, writing/drawing. And always only when she's alone or with family.

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bubbIe-tea Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aah-- she's so cute!
maybe you'd like to rp with my dork if you're free~ ; v ;
tokou Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014
aaaaa Nanako is so cute-- I hope we could RP sometime whenever you're free * q *
hyeuna Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahhh i would looove to rp with you some time! 

//sobsob sorry for late reply urgg. 


i am jealous
Deullien Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
ahh nanako is so so cute ; A ;/// I'd really love to RP with her one day if you would like // w \\
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takahashi is so cute omfg. 
i would LOVE to rp with you aahhh.
Deullien Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014
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aaah of course!
i bet you that he'd be absolutely fantastic!

can't wait~ i'll anticipate him!
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hyeuna Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hEAVY BREATHING. whenever you like my characters, tibumeru or not, i get really happy okay . 

thank you friend sdkfjsdkfjd f<333

Wrolin Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014
Asadfghj she looks so adorable hehe ~ And I laughed so bad "Seems to have bad luck with birds pooping at her" hahahah ~

Hopefully she and Nanami will become good friends ~
I imagine Nanako gets pooped by a bird and Nanami goes like WAAAHHH I'LL HELP YOU CLEAN UP RIGHT AWAY DONT WORRY
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